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Yuuki Terumi (ユウキ=テルミ), in reality the God Susano'o, is the main antagonist of the BlazBlue series. He is a cruel spirit who lusts for the destruction of everything he touches, relentlessly murdering and torturing those who cross him. He founded both the Novus Orbis Librarium and Sector Seven and was responsible for the incident that ruins Ragna's life. Terumi first appeared as. Yuuki Terumi, also known by the alias Hazama, is the primary antagonist of the BlazBlue video game franchise. He is an officer of the NOL intelligence division and the one responsible for burning down the church Ragna, Jin and Saya lived in and cutting off Ragna's arm. He is secretly one of the three wirepullers behind the NOL alongside Relius Clover and Hades Izanami, whom he plots to enact. Yuuki Terumi, also known as Black Susanoo and by his alias Hazama, with his truename being Takehaya Susano'o,is the true founder of the Novus Orbis Librarium and themain antagonist of theBlazBlue video game series. He is a former member of the Six Heroes and the creator of the Azure Grimoire and by extension the Black Beast. Yuuki Terumi was originally one of the Six Heroes who fought against. Yuuki Terumi. Yuuki Terumi, also known as Black Susanoo and by his alias Hazama, with his truename being Takehaya Susano'o,is the true founder of the Novus Orbis Librarium and themain antagonist of theBlazBlue video game series. He is a former member of the Six Heroes and the creator of the Azure Grimoire and.. Yūki Terumi, real name Takehaya Susano'o (Evil God of Destruction or The Original Black Void Susano'o Unit), is the main antagonist of BlazBlue franchise's original C series. His former vessel was Hazama Honoka.. He returns as one of the Season 2's DLC playable characters in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, where he went as his Susano'o form and the final antagonist of the said Season, where it.

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  1. Terumi's birth was when the Susano'o Unit gained a soul.Over time, Terumi grew sick of being shackled to the endless cycle of destruction and creation that he shared with the Amaterasu Unit.He allowed the Susano'o Unit to be found by humanity and separated his soul from the unit, inhabiting the body of a young man with green hair
  2. In Centralfiction, Terumi's true self is revealed to be the god Takehaya Susano'o, whose true original form is the Susano'o Unit. Powers and Stats. Tier: 5-A, higher when hated/feared | At least 5-A, higher when hated/feared. 2-A, likely Low 1-C with Hax Name: Yūki Terumi, Takehaya Susano'o no Mikoto Origin: BlazBlue. Gender: Male Age: Unknown, at least far older than the dawn of the new.
  3. Yūki Terumi is perhaps one of the more intimidating characters in the game, his Drive is a literal force to be reckoned with. Force Eater (フォースイーター, Fōsu Ītā) gives Terumi a phenomenal amount of Heat gain whenever it hits, meaning Terumi has an unparalleled amount of access to Distortion Drives and Rapid Cancels. Something Terumi players should always remember is the access.

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Die Yuuki-Tassen bieten wir in zwei Größen an, Größe Nr. 1 - klein (Mädchen und Frauen, die noch nicht entbunden haben und bis 28 Jahre) und Größe Nr. 2 - groß (Frauen die bereits entbunden haben). Im Vergleich zu anderen Herstellern ist der Unterschied zwischen diesen der Größte. Die meisten Firmen bieten zwei Größen an 1 Emblems/Crest 2 Character Select Artwork 3 Story Mode Artwork 4 Sprites 5 Chibis 6 Arcade Mode Portraits 7 Arcade Mode Illustrations 7.1 Continuum Shift 7.2 BlazBlue: Chronophantasma 7.3 BlazBlue: Centralfiction 8 Story Mode Illustrations 8.1 BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger 8.2 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 8.3 BlazBlue: Chronophantasma 9 Novels 9.1 BlazBlue: Phase 0 9.2 BlazBlue: Phase Shift 1 9.3.

Yuuki Terumi; Health: 10,500: Prejump: 4F: Backdash: 22F (1-5F Inv) Movement Options: Double Jump, Air Dash, Dash type: Run: Combo Rate: 60%: Drive: Force Eater. Terumi's Drive is centered around Heat gain. By using his Drive, Terumi gains extra meter on hit and block, far beyond what most characters normally get; note that meter gain from his Drive prorates along with the combo, so you will. Terumi's quotes in BlazBlue Central Fiction. Voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura. Files ripped by Venom00 of Dustloop. http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forum.. Yuuki Terumi Videos; Playlists; Channels; Discussion; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming. Terumi takes over the body of Hazama. After the final fight of the True Ending in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, he appears before Noel and Ragna, and after Rachel arrives, he loses his calm demeanor.His hair spikes up and his voice becomes much louder. Rachel and Ragna, having recognized Terumi from the attack on the church years before, attack him immediately, but he simply shrugs it off, and.

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[CP2/EX] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread By heavymetalmixer, May 6, 2015. 14 replies; 3,606 views; heavymetalmixer; July 22, 2015; Sign in to follow this . Followers 18. Yuuki Terumi Latest Topics; All Activity; Home ; Forums ; BlazBlue ; BlazBlue Character Discussion ; Yuuki Terumi Theme . Ky Theme . Relius Theme . Bullet Theme . IPS Base Theme . Sol Theme (Default) IPBoard Base Theme . Contact Us. It wasn't until the Susano'o unit developed a soul, Yuuki Terumi, that it gained just enough sentience to know that it had no free will. In comparison, Ragna is enslaved in a much different way. Ragna is the Central Fiction, the main character of The Origin's story. The Origin is obsessed with Ragna, and will constantly reset the universe if something happens to him that keeps him from. Yuuki Terumi by Sveta Raybrant from «Omega » submitted on Oct 18th, 2020. 7. you need to be logged in to love. you need to be logged in to save as favorite. report glamour. Equipment. search glamours using the same piece. YoRHa Type-51 Hood of Scouting ⬤ Millioncorn Yellow search glamours using the same piece. Urban Coat ⬤ Millioncorn Yellow search glamours using the same piece. Yuki Terumi. Published on Nov 16th, 2013, 11/16/13 1:26 am. 1 diamonds; 1,954 views, 4 today; 434 downloads, 0 today; 0 comments; 0 favorites; 1. 0; Feature on profile; Embed; Report; Change My Minecraft Skin. Download Minecraft Skin. Papercraft it. PMCBBCode. HTML. URL. 1451135. TripleZM Level 10: Journeyman Miner. Subscribe 0. The infamous, sadistic antagonist of the BlazBlue series is now. Yuuki Terumi, also known as Hazama, is a member of the Six Heroes, as well as the creator of the Azure Grimoire. He appears in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma as a playable character. Description of his Arcade Playthrough Double Face: Birthday: Unknown Birtplace: Unknown Blood Type: ? Weight: 61 Kg/134 Lb Height: 183cm/60 One of the Six Heroes who aided in the defeat of the Black Beast, he is.

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Yuuki Terumi returns in his Susanoo form once again as one of the game's alternate final bosses, being Non-Playable this time. However, he, TBA, Parace, Shadow Labrys, Beelzebub and Evil Android 21 can be playable for free if all DLC characters from Season Pass 1, 2 and 3 are purchased. Project X Zone 3: Sacred Destinies . Terumi appears as a Boss Unit. He is brought back to life thanks to. But we still don't talk about this anime Follow me on Twitter!: https://www.twitter.com/MangaShinigam Yuuki Terumi This whole world is nothing but lies, lies! Let me show you what I like to call the truth, the truth called despair! Forenname: Im Forum verwende ich natürlich den Namen Yuuki Terumi. Ich hab ihn als Chara gewählt weil er meine Lieblingsfigur und einer der Hauptbösewichte in meinem Lieblingsviedeospiel BlazBlue ist. Real Name: Auch im Real Life hab ich natürlich einen. I am thinking to take commissions in the future, actually this Yuuki Terumi cosplay was also a commission for a friend of mine. But I must warn that this coat wasn't cheap. I only work with good material and spend much time in the production. I will think about this and contact you in a few week again . Reply . May 8, 2014. Yinsho Hobbyist Digital Artist. Okay. I don't make much money though.

Custom Resolution. Ratio. Wide Ultrawide Portrait Square; 16 × 9: 21 × 9: 9 × 1 bb-terumi-blog. Yuuki Terumi. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Yuuki Terumi Just your everyday, bona-fied deranged nutcase with scarily OP Godmodding powers! Posts; Likes; Following; Archive; bb-terumi-blog. bb-terumi-blog. @crosskisser. 2 notes Apr 4th, 2017. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail. Yuuki Terumi, also known as Black Susanoo and by his alias Hazama, with his true name being Takehaya Susano'o, is the true founder of the Novus Orbis Librarium and the main antagonist of the BlazBlue video game series. He is a former member of the Six Heroes and the creator of the Azure Grimoire and by extension the Black Beast. Terumi originally appeared as a non-playable character in the.

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Yuuki Terumi, also known as Black Susanoo and by his alias Hazama, with his true name being Takehaya Susano'o, is the true founder of the Novus Orbis Librarium and the main antagonist of the BlazBlue video game series.He is a former member of the Six Heroes and the creator of the Azure Grimoire and by extension the Black Beast. Terumi originally appeared as a non-playable character in the. Yuuki Terumi, also known as Black Susano'o, whose real name is Takehaya Susano'o, is the main antagonist of the video game series, BlazBlue alongside Relius Clover and Hades Izanami.He is a former member of the Six Heroes and the creator of the Azure Grimoire and by extension the Black Beast. He originally appeared as a non-playable character in the story mode of Calamity Trigger, but starting.

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BBCF Yuuki Terumi Combos by R-2 (Part 2) BBCF Yuuki Terumi Overdrive Combos by Kurubushi. Navigation . Overview Combos Strategy/Counter Strategy Videos Forums Full Frame Data . BlazBlue: Central Fiction e: Amane Arakune Azrael Bang Bullet Carl Celica Es Hakumen Hazama Hibiki Izanami Izayoi Jin Jubei Kagura. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu * AxCrazy: He's the true form of Yuuki Terumi, so this is to be expected. However, in stark contrast to his fragmented will's more maniacal and sadistic personality, the complete Susanoo, while retaining his sadism, is a cold, ruthless, and efficient killing machine fueled by hate and rage whose only desire is to destroy everything, because they are all creations of his sworn enemy: the. Yuuki Terumi once again sought out Relius Clover. It turned out Relius had been somehow sucked through the Cauldron and thrown into the future 80 years, around the same time Terumi was released. Terumi and Relius then began to plot on how to push the world in a new direction. Terumi started by finding Nine's sister, Celica, who had become a nun and opened a church. She was raising three.

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  1. Jan 2, 2017 - Explore Whitney Brantley's board Yuuki terumi on Pinterest. See more ideas about yuki, anime, anime guys
  2. Kazuma Kval(カズマ=クヴァル,Kazuma Kuvaru) is the protagonist of the novel Phase Shift 1and a major antagonist throughout the rest of the Phase Shift novels. He was an artificial human created by Relius Clover to be the vessel for Yūki Terumi and the predecessor to Hazama. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Powers and abilities 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Navigation Being created in.
  3. Hazama, also known by his extended alias Hazama Honoka, is the captain of the NOL's intelligence department and one of the main antagonists of the BlazBlue series. He is the artificial vessel of Yuuki Terumi, the creator of the Azure Grimore. As of recently, Hazama and Terumi are now separate entities with the former having his own agenda and goals. He is the 5th main character of the BlazBlue.
  4. Retrieved from https://blazblue.wiki/index.php?title=Yuuki_Terumi/Gameplay&oldid=2620
  5. This time the focus shifts to Yuuki Terumi and a boy named Kazuma Kvar, while also elaborating more on Nine and Trinity before she became Platinum. BlazBlue: Phase Shift 2: Released January 2012, this sequel focuses on Jin Kisaragi's exploits during the Dark War and his eventual evolution into taking up the mantle of Hakumen. BlazBlue: Phase Shift 3: Released May 2012 the focal point character.

MyFigureCollection.net - Tsuki-board.net - My Figurine Collection (Anime-, Manga- und Videospielfiguren, Waren, CDs und Kunstbücher aus Japan Yuuki Terumi. A 33 year old unemployed man who's struggling for survival throughout his daily life. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. So with the help of his younger brother, a 13 year old Kazuma Kval, and after an encounter with a woman named Summer Rose, he somehow finds himself working as a caretaker. But who is he paid to care for? Why, Team RWBY of course! Rated: T - English. YUUKI TERUMI: 0 ships destroyed and 8 ships lost Yuuki Terumi ist bei Facebook. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Yuuki Terumi und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Facebook gibt Menschen die.. Zerochan has 96 Yuuki Terumi anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Yuuki Terumi is a character from BlazBlue

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Totally Not Yuuki Terumi. 78 likes. • Hazama • 25 years of age. • Affiliation: Novus Orbis Librarium • Captain of the Intel Dept. Give me all of your boiled eggs Nov 3, 2019 - The One True Susanoo. See more ideas about Anime, Yuki, Blue blaze ¿Darkseid y Yuuki Terumi tienen 36 versiones de ellos mismos en Marte...? NO, ¿¡VERDAD!? 1; Reacciones: Shonen Jump. Zanka All is One in Darkseid. Registrado 5 Feb 2013 Mensajes 6,023 Ubicación León, Guanajuato. Offline. 3 Oct 2020 #7 Lord demon dijo: cierto el multiversal de kars en la Hacer clic para expandir... Si Kars (Novel) es Multiversal, entonces yo soy el Kage de la Aldea Oculta.

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Charakterprofil von Yuuki Terumi. Check deine Charakterdetails. Einlogge Yuuki terumi loenberg. 1 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: May 15, 2014 . About 6 years ago . 1765 . 71 0 1. Show More. Show Less. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Yuuki terumi loenberg. 1 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: May 15, 2014 . About 6 years ago . 1. 1765 . 71 0 Show More. Show Less. advertisement . Upload Download Add to wardrobe Embed codes. Forum HTML Image.

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Yuuki Terumi - BlazBlue - Image #1624245 - Zerochan Anime Image Board View and download this 600x766 Yuuki Terumi image with 11 favorites, or browse the gallery. Prinzessin Zelda Aurora Dornröschen Anime Art Dec Yuuki Terumi. BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma: Playstation 3 Japan-Release am 24.10.2013. old_man_entnervt 25. April 2013. Und nicht nur das, es wurden auch zwei neue spielbare Character vorgestellt: Kagura Mutsuki und Yuuki Terumi. Mutsuki wird der erste Charge-Character in BB über... Neuigkeiten 0. Streams. Turniere. Es gibt keine bevorstehenden Veranstaltungen. Ranbats/Sessions. Es gibt keine. Yuuki Terumi. Vorname: Yuuki. Nachname: Terumi. Wohnort: hier und da. Land: Deutschland. Geschlecht: männlich. Vorschau virtuelles Bücherregal Über mich Geschichten Reviews favorisierte Geschichten favorisierte Autoren. Inhalt ist versteckt. Anzeigen. Dieser Benutzer hat keine Informationen über sich veröffentlicht Nutzungsbedingungen Datenschutz Impressum zur mobilen Version build 06469.

Hazama is a captain of the N.O.L's Intelligence Department, and one of the main antagonist in hte Blazblue series. He was also Yuuki Terumi, a former member of the Legendary Six Heroes, and the creator of hte Azure Grimoir and, by extension, the Black Beast. In the games, he was killed off by Hakumen in Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma. He is slated to make an apperance in Seanzilla's Azure. Yuuki Terumi is the true primary antagonist of Blazblue series and a former member of the Six Heroes, as well as the creator of the Azure Grimoire. He is also the founder of both the Novus Orbis Librarium and Sector Seven, often manipulating both sides to reach his goals. He became a playable character in Chrono Phantasma. Cruel, sadistic, selfish, and insane beyond measure, Terumi delights in. Yuuki Terumi. Yuuki Terumi is a Main antagonist and a true main villain from Blazblue and he likes the same stuff as Macusoper Busters.. Voice: Russell Likes: Same Stuff as Macusoper Busters Dislikes: Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Pixar, Jurassic Park, Coca-Cola Products, Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter.

Apr 20, 2018 - Explore David Gittens's board Yuuki Terumi on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yuki, Anime, Anime guys Yuuki Terumi is one of the main antagonists of the Blazblue series, desiring to end the world for repeating over and over again. He is crude, violent and short-tempered, and does not like to take orders from anyone, including you, Commander. -----Radio effect has been added to keep things consistent with the rest of the game, and no references are made to any Blazblue lore. The 350 lines of. Yuuki Terumi hecho por el autor Terumen con estilo de juego de Melty Blood Create an account or sign in to download this. Get Support File Information. Views 69; Downloads 2; Submitted October 20; File Size 60.86 MB; Report; Share Followers 0. Previous File Hades_Izanami. Next File Susano'o MB Style. User Feedback. 0 Reviews 0 Comments Join the conversation. You can post now and register later.

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The question is if this is Terumi who is in possession of the Susanoo' Unit or not. Because if he hasn't than Grima will win no matter what. Grima is in his element of power over the risen and strong magic + is a freaking dragon View the profiles of people named Yuuki Terumi. Join Facebook to connect with Yuuki Terumi and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.. Yuuki Terumi: Founder N/A Formerly Trivia Flame is a synonym for blaze. Basically, the members of the NOL call themselves knights of the blue blaze. The NOL is similar to the Holy Knights in the Guilty Gear series. Navigation Villains: Novus Orbis Librarium Hades Izanami | Hazama | Ignis Clover | Jin Kisaragi | Konoe A. Mercury | Litchi Faye-Ling | Relius Clover | Tsubaki Yayoi | Yuuki. Sosuke Aizen VS Yuuki Terumi is a what-if episode of Death Battle featuring Sosuke Aizen from Bleach and Yuuki Terumi from BlazBlue. This page is made by MegaMan Powah!!!!! and is a collab between MegaMan Powah!!!!! and Bankai Go

Yuuki Terumi | Susanoo/Reader (2) Hazama Honoka/Reader (2) Relius Clover/Hazama Honoka (2) Relius Clover/Yuuki Terumi | Susanoo (2) Catelyn Stark/Ned Stark (1) Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen (1) Ike/Senerio | Soren (1) Ragna the Bloodedge/Noel Vermillion (1) Exclude Additional Tags Bondage (4) Fluff (3) Pre-Canon (2) Drabble (2) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting (2) Swearing (2) Feeding Kink (2. BlazBlue, much like Guilty Gear, has plenty of Rummage Sale Rejects to go around. This is a list of the playable characters who were introduced in the arcade version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.Due to the sheer amount of trope presented, the page had to be split.To see characters introduced in the console release and later iterations, refer to BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - Additional Characters Yuuki Terumi by OHMSBY. 168 downloads. yuuki terumi; ohmsby (0 reviews) 0 comments Updated November 17. Yumi. By SDK123. Yumi by OHMSBY. AI Patch: Different... (Old version) 324 downloads. yumi; ohmsby (0 reviews) 8 comments Updated November 17. Kokonoe. By SDK123. Kokonoe by OHMSBY. Added a Japanese voice patch .snd file by Good_Wall533. 2nd file: AI patched by Holn (old version) 257. For BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Yuuki Terumi's power tier - Page 2

Boomstick: Yuuki Terumi is the Evil member of the SIX-HEROES, and the Inventor of the Novus Orbis Librarium, and Sector 7; and the reason why not only are both groups at war, both groups are losing members! Wiz: Terumi's Drive is the Force Eater, which absorbs an opponents' Heat Gauge by a little bit, BUT, all fighting game players should realize that a bit can decide the entire fight. Yuuki Terumi is separate entity that's partners with Hazama before they merged as one. He's much more foul-mouthed trash-talking,brutal and savage with the intent to kill you in many ways in battlethan Hazama is to hurt your feelings trolling you mentally while he toys with you. He is one of the..

Terumi Yuuki ist bei Facebook. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Terumi Yuuki und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Facebook gibt Menschen.. 21 พ.ย. 2014 - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย Sleepy Ash ค้นพบ (และบันทึก!) พินของคุณเองใน Pinteres Shinnok: Remove the shadow from the light; the shadow grows. The legacy of life is death, Raiden. My followers accept this, and live on. They fight for me. Conclusion The connection between Terumi and Shinnok is that they're fighting game antagonists, who are immortal gods of death and destruction, who become far more powerful after absorbing a certain power (The Jinsei and the Susano'o unit.

Terumi Yuuki studies Informatika Yuuki Terumi is on Facebook. To connect with Yuuki, sign up for Facebook today. Log In. or. Sign Up. About Yuuki Terumi. About Yuuki ~Ficha RP~ Nombre: Yuuki Terumi Alias: Hazama y Takehaya Susano'o (siendo llamado así cuando era usuario de la Susano'o Unit). Género: Masculino Raza: Humano/ Fantasma si no cuenta con un 'recipiente' que habitar. Altura: 1.83 Peso: 61 Kg. Estatus:-Miembro de. BlazBlue Hazama Yuki Terumi Cosplay Costume Any Size//DR. New (Other) C $107.23 to C $120.64. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From China +C $20.11 shipping. TERUMI MATTHEWS sexy actress as singer dancer MADONNA 1994 Vintage Orig TV Photo. C $33.45. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now . From United States +C $16.76 shipping. TERUMI NISHII POWER of CHARACTERS2 Animation.

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Анализ профиля Yuki Terumi Все подписчики и друзья Yuki ВКонтакте, фотографии и видео пользователя, персональные настройки профиля и еще много другой полезной информации Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people Search within Yuuki Terumi Quality: All sizes · Large and better · Only very large Sort: Recent · Popular · Random ( Last week · Last 3 months · All time ) 17 Fa View, comment, download and edit blazblue Minecraft skins Yuuki Terumi ; Yuuki Terumi TSS Member. View Profile See their activity. Content Count 4 Joined November 4, 2010; Last visited February 11, 2012; Community Reputation 2 Chaotic Beginnings.

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Hazama (Yuki Terumi). Gefällt 21 Mal. Hello I am Hazama. Lets have a little fun shall we Kill Yuuki Terumi and free her mother, Konoe A. Mercury, from being brainwashed. Family. Mitsuyoshi (father) Konoe A. Mercury (mother, deceased) Celica A. Mercury (aunt, deceased) Shūichirō Ayatsuki (grandfather, deceased) Tomonori (uncle, deceased) Friends/Allies. Konoe A. Mercury. Litchi Faye-Ling Celica A. Mercury Hakumen Ragna the Bloodedge Ada Clover Taokaka Iron Tager Noel Vermillion. iOrbix Timeline of Yuuki Terumi (Las Noches) - iOrbix is a unique social network that makes expressing your life and connections between friends so much easier and fun Terumi Hoshino startete ihre Karriere zunächst als Sängerin in der Pop-Gruppe Earth Ladies. Gemeinsam mit ihren Freundinnen Kaoru Kusano, Yuki Takeno und Yoko Okino bildeten sie ein Quartett, bei dem jedes der jungen Mädchen eine besondere Schönheit in der Natur symbolisieren sollte

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Эта страница для приколов и шуток, картинок и комиксов, рассказов по теме yuuki terumi (+17 картинок, рейтинг 28.7 - yuuki terumi View, comment, download and edit yuuki Minecraft skins

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